Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nuri Bahjat -- Profile

Nuri Bahjat (1921- )

Graduated from the school of medicine in 1948. He was the first Iraqi doctor to specialize in Physiotherapy. While studying medicine, he joined evening classes to study the violin at ‘Maahad al Fonoon Al Jamila’ or ' The Fine Arts Institute' (1941-1946)

He was one of the members of the INSO when first founded, member of the Music Society in the school of medicine in the 40s, and one of the first to introduce chamber music to the Iraqi public. For those achievements, he was granted in 1991 & 92 a gold medal and the certificate of honour.
He was a faculty member in Maahad Alfinoon AlJamila and a lecturer in the Alfinnon Aljamila Academy 1959-1968.

Ghazi Bahjat in a 1972 Concert

The information is provided only for the top picture,
which is related to the 1972 concert at Al-Shaab Hall.

Back row (right to left): Zarinba (French Horn), ? (French Horn), Khalaf Jouda (Bassoon), ? (Percussion)

Second row (right to left): Mundhir Jameel Hafidh (Viola), Ghazi Bahjat (Oboe), Valeri Portsky (oboe), Fouad Al-Mashta (flute).

Front row (from right to left): ? Concert Master (Violin), (?) Violin,
George Mann (Violin).
? Contrabass far right is a Russian lady
Note: ? means name is unavailable