Friday, April 20, 2007

Bassim H. Petros - Profile

Bassim H. Petros (1934 - )

Born in Baghdad in 1934. He Joined the Fine Arts Institute in Baghdad in 1947 to study Cello under the Sherrif Muhi-ddeen Haydar (Turkish), Hagob Kouyoumidjian (Iraqi) and Adres Taurrer (French). He Joined the Baghdad Philharmonic (INSO later on) in 1948 as a Cellist. Established and presented with Munther J. Hafeth the-first-of-its-kind Baghdad TV weekly program (The World of Music). Bassim is a member of the Iraqi National Music Committee (INMC), the International Music Council (Unesco), the Arab Academy of Music (of the Arab States League) and the Iraqi Artists Union. For five years, he worked at the National Music Conservatory in Amman as Cello and Contrabass teacher and as a member of its orchestra and band. Currently lives in New Zealand.

Bassim's and the family's photos