Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ghazi Bahjat -- Profile

Concert in December 1964
from right to left:
Ghazi Bahjat
Mr. Schwartz (German)
Dr. Franz Schubert
Ihsan Ad.ham

Ghazi Mustafa Bahjat (1933 - )

Performed with the Fine Arts Institute Orchestra from 1954 to 1957 under the Romanian conductor Sando Albo then from 1957 to 1964, he went to W. Germany to further his studies in the oboe instrument. On his return in 1964, Ghazi joined the INSO until 1994 when he left Iraq for Jordan and joined the National Music Conservatory in Amman /Jordan as an oboe player and tutor until 1997 when he left for New Zealand. Since 1981 until he left Baghdad, he worked as an oboe tutor at the School of Music & Ballet. Currently he is a member of the Auckland Symphony Orchestra in New Zealand.

Hanna Petros -- Profile

1921 photo showing Hanna Petros, music teacher, band master at the Chaldean School in Mosul. He is sitting fourth from the left. One of Hanna's students, Saeed Shabo (famous composer of nationalistic songs) is sitting to the right side of Hanna.

Hanna Petros (1896-1958)

Composer, music educator and the founder of music educationin IRAQ, which included (but not limited to) the Iraqi Army MusicDepartment (1923), the Baghdad Music Conservatory (1936)and the Iraqi Police Music Band (1941). His "Rondo Oriental" was composed in 1937 for piano soloand was presented by the Romanian pianist and pianoinstructor, Julian Hertz, at the conservatory in Baghdad, as well as in Paris, Geneva and London during the 1940s.In the year 1976, the Orchestra's Russian conductor Youri Alieve converted the piece (Rondo Oriental) for string orchestra. It was performed by the INSO in Baghdad, Beruit, Moscow and Amman. Hanna's works included national songs, marshes for Wind Band and works for solo violin and piano.